Igor Stamatovski / iborn


Igor Stamatovski has a 10 year experience in software development, holds a master’s degree in Engineering of Intelligent information systems from the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FINKI). Three years ago he founded his own company iborn.net, developing web based solutions for the Danish health insurance market for a fast growing health insurance provider. Grown the company in three years from 2 to 20 people, bootstraped the software development team, stabilized the product, introduced software development and release practices and processes. Structuring the company for growth and innovation, established a young, talented and knowledgable management team bringing them on board as partners,  with fields of expertise such as connected health and health insurance.Iborn.net is currently building new products in online education and career services, real estate market in Macedonia and web content development projects for the United Nations and other international customers.

One of the founders of Skopje’s KIKA hacklab in 2009, Igor is a free software advocate and has been a member of Free Software Macedonia since its inception in 2002.