Igor Stamatovski / KHAL

igor KHAL

Mr. Stamatovski is active in software application development for the past 15 years. He has been working with products and projects, which often represented technology as a leading component driving the end solution. Involved in developing innovative solutions, he has worked on many challenging projects demonstrating exceptional skills as an accomplished technologist, and successfully managed departments where research is of utmost importance. His technical background has often help establish the right route from the project start, and manage the project during its life cycle.

Mr. Stamatovski has been working with J2EE technologies over the past decade as part of a core technology development platform with data storage solutions, integration of cloud and legacy systems, often channeling legacy technologies to web 2.0 compliant platforms, and creating products for customers that made them recognizable as a leader in their industry. He also has extensive experience in developing api’s to ensure the successful integration and web 2.0 compliance necessary in today’s technologies ranging from social to mobile.

Mr. Stamatovski is a distinguished speaker who has covered modern technologies at SEE University where he has mentored applied computer security to graduates and alumni.

His leadership skills have helped organizations in need of technology solutions invaluable. He has been responsible for managing large development teams departments and identifying key resources to support technical projects. His experience and deep technology background has immediately impacted business environments and enabling his team to create leading products in the industry.